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Topic: Stroud Flooding
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Stroud Flooding by Barking
Date: 25/06/2007 Time: 13:59:35
A large amount of rain last night brought a large puddle to the Stroud end of the Slad Road today. Here are some photos.

This chap tried to drive through and broke down. Funny really, as he was driving a recovery truck! A couple of 4x4s drove through creating some rather large ripples.

Smile please..

A couple of fire engines turned up at around 10am and took until approx 12:45 to pump out the water. They laid out their hoses down Merrywalks and pumped it into the road.

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Stroud Flooding by Not Required
Date: 25/06/2007 Time: 14:05:43
And it is reported on the weather forecast more to come. I foresee a big sale of inflatable dinghy's to get about on the shopping run.

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Stroud Flooding by Concerned Citizen
Date: 25/06/2007 Time: 14:50:11
We bought a large brolly at the British Bike Bonanza yesterday after getting caught in a heavy downpour. Once we'd bought the brolly it didn't rain any more!

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Stroud Flooding by IF
Date: 25/06/2007 Time: 21:03:14
My little Berlingo made it through without problem, at 8:10, except for a 4x4's bow-wave as impatient to get past a stranded Peugeot. Must have been a petrol pug as diesels don't stall in flood, do they ? So long a

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Stroud Flooding by kitring
Date: 25/06/2007 Time: 21:51:10
We have just seen 4 lads (19-20),In just there swimming trunks, in a little blow up dingy rowing round a field in stanley downton, they were having brilliant fun.

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Stroud Flooding by Not Required
Date: 27/06/2007 Time: 10:47:00
Talking of flooding made me aware of how lucky Nailsworth is to have escaped (except for large puddles here and there. ) We suffered from disaster level floods particularly in 1931 when the dam at the Nodes broke as a result of the huge water pressure. The Miry Brook(Newmarket valley) meets the water from Horsley stream under the ground at COssack Square;another stream runs under the road at The Cross and the Avenis joins them near the clock. There was a smaller flood in the 1990s. When Old Market was created it included flood prevention measures notably the deep, straight stream by the bus station. When newcomers arrived they complained about the straightness and wanted to change it. Let's hope This is not part of plans for the regeneration of Old Market. Nailsworth had a special character of down to earth usefulness.

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Stroud Flooding by B.Mills
Date: 27/06/2007 Time: 10:52:08
Sorry, don't like being anonymous. Is that how you spell it?

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Stroud Flooding by Pete
Date: 28/06/2007 Time: 21:11:16
OMG that must be the only place in stroud that can get flooded! Nice to see two proper fire engines dealing with the situation

IIRC the road goes up a little just before the roundabout, thus creating a dam?

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Stroud Flooding by Steed
Date: 01/07/2007 Time: 13:16:17
And did you all know why we're all suffering these floods? It's divine retribution of course, because we're all so decadent.

It must be true, because the Bishop of Carlisle said so!

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Stroud Flooding by Sinnikal
Date: 01/07/2007 Time: 13:39:07
That'll be this bish then won't it Steed


Why does anyone take them seriously?

Really, it's beyond parody

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Stroud Flooding by Dani
Date: 01/07/2007 Time: 15:45:34
We had a "minister " that blamed Gays, public lifestyles , etc. for 911.

He is dead now.

His name was Jerry Falwell, he may be finding it rather HOT now. ?

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Stroud Flooding by Noah
Date: 01/07/2007 Time: 18:35:13
Did you know that if you tried to construct a replica of my ark, it would be far longer than the hitherto longest wooden ship in history, which was an engineering impracticality in itself.

And the couples of species we had in there. They didn't reproduce at all for 40 days (difficult with rabbits and rats, to say the least)

I am now in fact building another vessel to save myself and family from all the mess you degenerates have caused.

Must stop 'arking on

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