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Topic: memories of newmarket
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memories of newmarket by Newmarketeer
Date: 13/05/2010 Time: 16:45:15
Thanks to all who've contributed so far. I am keen to develop this further - maybe a community publication?

So am still keen for photos - especially from the 60's to present - just simply because there is a lot of black and white images of the area from bygone days.

I'd really love pictures and stories of the newmarket fancy dresses and christmas parties and the tale of Betty playing the pied piper!

Many thanks

- you could email us on newmarketfete@aol.com if don't want to post on here.

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 14/05/2010 Time: 07:13:41
Newmarketeer, I haven't read through the whole of this thread, but have you tried the town archives?

They have two massive lever arch folders full of Hilliers/Newmarket photos and information from the time when it was a fully functioning business, through redevelopment of the area - the information they have is fascinating.

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memories of newmarket by Newmarketeer
Date: 14/05/2010 Time: 20:37:15
Yes this is a good tip and I'm fully intending to go along but is tricky to fit in with work - I will soon thanks!

Meanwhile keep it coming - its the little stories and background info that make it a true community project.

I love living in Newmarket and I feel it has got better at including people over the past few years. You can be a newmarketeer whether you've been here 2 weeks or through 4 generations!

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 16/05/2010 Time: 09:41:55
Turk Family lived there for many years.

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 18/05/2010 Time: 19:52:15
On behalf of the man who helps in the RSPCA shop on Market Street, can I ask the woman who has recently moved to Newmarket to give him back his William Morris tapestry. She took it 2 years ago to complete. From what I understand, she had it for 18 months he saw her last Christmas when he asked for it back. since then he has not seen her. Before she was a frequent visitor to the RSPCA shp but she has not been near nor by since he asked for the tapestry back. Please do the decent thing and return what does not belong to you Ann and Ken.

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 18/05/2010 Time: 20:51:17

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 19/05/2010 Time: 18:08:54
i can assure you if we knew who the fugitive was we'd reveal her and her incomplete tapestry - we're good folk in Newmarket!Don't taint us all with needlepoint crime.

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 19/05/2010 Time: 18:29:26
On behalf of the poor man in the RSPCA shop, all we can say is that the couple moved into Newmarket at the end of 2009 with their new puppy!! The dog may be about 10 months old now. The couple might have moved into sheltered accommodation. we don't know, but the poor man at the RSPCA trusted her to complete his mother's tapestry. Instead, she seems to have 'acquired' it for herself. When the kit was bought, I understand it cost 125 pounds. Come on, who ever you are (you could be called Ann and your husband Ken), give the man his tapestry, the frame and book back. It is only fair.

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memories of newmarket by Not Required
Date: 19/05/2010 Time: 18:54:22
The plot thickens.

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memories of newmarket by Newmarketeer
Date: 21/05/2010 Time: 17:28:00
Hi all - Thank you - when I started this thread I thought it was going to result in something being produced for a display and that would be the end of it. It has generated a lot of interest here and also in Newmarket - so it seems like it may be the start of something!

The Fete is NEXT SUNDAY - 30th May - outside the George, 2-5pm. There are soem great local musicians lined up and all the usual market stalls and family activities. PLEASE come along!!!

The Memories of Newmarket thread and all its offshoots will also be making an appearance!


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memories of newmarket by Wozi
Date: 21/05/2010 Time: 22:09:45
Thanks for your memories FB, you must have more in store surely?

I remember Inneses too Mr C they sold Lyons ice-cream. Neapolitan was nice as it was a strawberry, chocolate and vanilla slab in between two flat wafers. Do Lyons still produce ice-cream btw?

You could hardly see the Innes family behind the high glass counter packed with all varieties of chocolate bars. Behind them on the shelves were large glass jars containing every kind of sweet imaginable. They would weigh up a quarter of what you fancied on a little brass balance scales and tip them into a paper bag.

Luvly jubly!

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memories of newmarket by Wozie
Date: 07/03/2014 Time: 13:25:31
Before AC throws a wobbly about old posts being regurgitated, I'm doing this because my old pics of Newmarket are on here!

So this is for the unknown person who asked for them today ok.

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memories of newmarket by R Smith
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Date: 11/04/2017 Time: 14:29:47

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Before I start, I am sorry that the following won't be of much help. My family - Rowland Smith & Son owned Hillier's from at least just after WW2 until the '60's. It was then sold to Rank Hovis McDougall (RHM). I remember, as I child, going there a few times watching the pies being filled.

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memories of newmarket by Jenny Butt OAM
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Date: 04/05/2017 Time: 12:37:57

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Hi Betty Mills, I see in the discussion that you are talking about the early days of Nailsworth and people left to go to Australia.

My ancestors were such people, the Colony of NSW was made up of convicts,ex-convicts and children of convicts, the government wanted to make a more secure and socially diverse community of people, between 1830-1840. The government paid those in England that were of good character, who had a skill, and a desirable faith to come out. The government turned towards the Baptist faith to provide such families and between 1837-41 they found the immigrates they needed in Nailsworth and surrounding towns.

There were over 80,000 Baptist arrived and settled in Sydney and Parramatta, small settlement between. (The Baptist Recorder Nov 2002,"Baptist in early Colonial New South Wales,a sociological perspective by Narelle LLiffe)

My ancestor was Francis Guy and his wife Sarah Gazard with their 7 children from Nailsworth-Horsley,living at the time at Newmarket-Painswick left on the "Barrumpoota" arriving in Sydney August 1841.

This family thrived and made a successful life in Australia, made great wealth and immersed themselves in business, the law,government and gold-silver mining.

Francis Guy was the son of Deborah Guy and John Clarke, his great uncle was Nathaniel Dyer Esq,who died 1833,Francis and his sons received an income from Nathaniel's estate which made life easier in the new colony.

I would be interested in hearing about these times and the Dyer-Guy families of the area. Insert Bold text hereInsert Bold text here

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