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Topic: BT Infinity to Shortwood, Wallow Green Etc....
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BT Infinity to Shortwood, Wallow Green Etc.... by WallowGreenWomble
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Date: 03/10/2015 Time: 14:00:58

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Having checked on the BT website they are now saying October 2016 is the earliest that BT Inifnity will make its way up in our direction. I asked a BT man in a van a few months back about the reason for the delay and apparently there was a crushed pipe or duct that the cables run through under the old Horsley road / Pike Lane area and that until the road was dug up and the cable Pipe / Duct replaced they could not bring the fibre connection up to the local cabinets.

So now that they have just dug up the road I noticed a new cabinet on Pike lane, does anyone know if they have managed to get Infinity up here now ?

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BT Infinity to Shortwood, Wallow Green Etc.... by shorty
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Date: 19/10/2015 Time: 13:42:34

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Good News - BT are at the top of Pike Hill today installing the new fibre optic cable. I spoke with the engineer on site who confirmed that we will have the new faster speed very soon. All that is needed now is for another group of workers (planned in the next week) to come and 'blow the fibre optic down the pipe'

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