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Topic: Bowring family
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Bowring family by Bryen Bowring NY
Date: 12/12/2007 Time: 05:20:08

I am trying to find any relatives who are still in Nailsworth. My family name is Bowring. My grandfather came to the U.S into N.Y probably in the 1920's. He was one of three boys. The only thing I know about my great grandmother was she had red hair and lived in an old cottage with a Nazis bomb sticking out of the garden in the rear of the home. I also know my father thomas had a cousin still living there in the 80's named michael bowring who was a chef and had passed away from cancer after a long ordeal. My father has recently passed on and all I have to go by is a few stories he would sometimes tell. Any information would be of help. thanks

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Bowring family by Wozie
Date: 12/12/2007 Time: 10:14:19
Was Michael the chef at Winslow House?

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Bowring family by Across the Valley
Date: 12/12/2007 Time: 11:33:24
Yes he was the chef at Winslow, I think he lived with his Mother at Windsoredge.

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Bowring family by Rover Returned.
Date: 12/12/2007 Time: 13:11:27
I can't add much to this except to say that I knew Michael Bowring back in the mid to late seventies/early eighties. He was a real hoot with some outrageous behaviour and stories during lock-ins at the Britannia Inn! My mother also knew him quite well.

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Bowring family by Suhada
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Date: 26/05/2015 Time: 23:42:08

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I knew a Michael Bowring who lived in Stroud. I think he must be the same man. I met him in the Woolpack Inn in Slad near Stroud. He worked as a chef in Cirencester. He was indeed a hoot. I ended up renting a room in his house in Stroud. I moved out and then heard later that he had a battle with cancer. I really appreciated his friendship and laughed with him many times.

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