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Topic: Chalford Scarecrow Trail
Category: News - Local

Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Barking
Date: 15/04/2007 Time: 23:38:00
I paid to visit to Chalford this afternoon as I grew up there many years ago. Quite a few changes (not all good, the developers have got there) but of possible interest was a scarecrow trail. In short, a lot of houses had these scarecrows in their gardens and youngsters were running around following the trail so to speak. Some of them were very good so I took some snaps..

By one of the canal locks.

'Bloke with a chainsaw'

If I were giving out a prize I think this would get one.

A ghost. Not mentioned in the ghost thread but very real none the less.

There were lots more and its on until April 20th in aid of the Christ Church School.

And if you want to get back to nature, the walk between the playing field and Bakers Mill (home of Bee the Otter) is well worth the effort.

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Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Rover Returned.
Date: 16/04/2007 Time: 10:40:53
My office is in Chalford and I always enjoy the Scarecrow Trail. Well worth a visit and, as Barking says, there are some lovely canal and riverside walks in the area. Great pictures by the way.

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Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Not Required
Date: 16/04/2007 Time: 11:47:23
I missed it! :( Is it run every year on the same weekend?

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Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Rover Returned.
Date: 17/04/2007 Time: 12:48:28
You haven't missed it, NR. It started on the 14th. April and doesn't finish until this Friday, 20th. April.

I've just been looking at some of the scarecrows and they're really, really imaginative!

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Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Rover Returned.
Date: 14/09/2007 Time: 12:58:16
There is now a splendid calendar out featuring the scarecrows of the Chalford Scarecrow Trail.

It costs £5.00 and it is obtainable from the Chalford Community Shop - maybe elsewhere, I don't know.

It's a lovely calendar and it runs from September 2007 to December 2008 - 15 months! Proceeds from the sale go, I believe, to Chalford C. of E. School.

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Chalford Scarecrow Trail by Grannyhills
Date: 26/11/2007 Time: 21:41:29
I love my calender(family organiser) and look forward to next years trail. Happy Christmas to all at Christ Church C of E School.Keep up the good work!

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