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Topic: Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell.
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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Rover Returned.
Date: 21/06/2006 Time: 14:31:35
I have read with great sadness of the death at the age of 79 of Cyril P. Campbell, legendary Head of English at Marling School from 1958 to 1984 and tireless campaigner on behalf of the heritage of the Stroud area.

When he came to Marling School I was drifting aimlessly with a couldn't-care-less attitude towards my studies but 'Chas', as he was known to his pupils, changed all that.

He was an inspiration! His love of the English Language and his ability to read Chaucer to us in the tongue of the time it was written in spurred us on to want to learn. I began to actually look forward to taking the school bus from Nailsworth to Stroud!

I suspect that we will not see the like of C. P. Campbell again. A man of so many talents, so enthusiastic and so very able to impart his enthusiasm to even the most reluctant of pupils.

Rest in peace, Chas. You gave so much to so many young people in this local area that you will never be forgotten.

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Martin
Date: 21/06/2006 Time: 16:29:25
What a lovely tribute; that we could all hope for so much

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Gareth
Date: 21/06/2006 Time: 23:32:12
What an excellent teacher he must have been.

My memories of the teachers at Manor school are not so good. It must have been a inspiration to have someone like 'Chaz' to show you how beautiful language can be.

Sorry about my grammer, I went to Manor.

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Rover Returned.
Date: 22/06/2006 Time: 10:00:53
Thank you Martin and Gareth.

'Chas' Campbell was not only an inspiration but he was one of life's real characters. It was impossible not to like and admire him and impossible not to be infected by his enthusiasm for all things that he was involved in. The Hill Paul protests, for example.

I am quite surprised that more people who were taught by the great man have not posted a tribute.

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Bryan Poultney
Date: 12/08/2006 Time: 08:48:17

Not living in the Stroud area,I only learned of the death of "Chas" Campbell from another former pupil of Marling sitting on a sofa in Wrexham on Tuesday night(8th August)- I had often wondered what became of Chas since I left Marling over 25 years ago.

Whenever I have a conversation along the lines of did you have a favourite or insipational teacher I immediatelt think of Chas.

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Bryan
Date: 12/08/2006 Time: 08:55:31
Sorry - posted notes too soon.

Contin... in a world now dictated by national curricula, results and league tables, it is so refreshing to think back to a teacher who would decide on the spur of the moment to ditch the "set" text and read the class something completely different or recite a lengthy verse entirely from memory. Thnks.

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by Rover Returned.
Date: 13/08/2006 Time: 13:58:07
I am so glad that others remember 'Chas' with such fondness. I am positive that there are hundreds of ex-Marlingtonians out there who would heartily endorse everything which has been said about him.

It would be so nice if there could be some sort of permanent memorial at Marling to 'Chas' and his legendary teaching skills .

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Cyril P. (Chas) Campbell. by theplasticsurgeon
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Date: 08/12/2016 Time: 18:51:23

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I've only just found this forum - and this news.

Chas was my English teacher for my first 2 years at Marling, and unappreciated at the time.

Somehow he drummed in the rules of English, and is very fondly remembered for that. Thank-you Chas, for steering me towards that English O'Level.

Oh and so many documents pass my desk now, with so many basic mistakes for me to correct. How many times do I think to myself that Chas is turning in his grave - that I of all people am doing that. Thank you so much Chas. Fondly and frequently remembered.

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