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Topic: Geocaching appeal
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Geocaching appeal by schroedie
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Date: 27/01/2015 Time: 17:31:08

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Just wondered if anyone knew of a new geocacher or geocachers by the name of The Georgians? They visited one of my Shortwood caches on Jan 4 and took a Travel Bug - but haven't logged either the find or the fact that they took the bug, and they need to do that to move it on.

I realise this may mean nothing to non-cachers, but I'm keen for the Travel Bug (a green motorbike with dog tag attached) to move as it's in a race with other bikes. Mine's not even started yet, hence the appeal.

If anyone does know The Georgians (or is a Georgian themself!) can you ask them to get in touch with the cache owner please?

Many thanks!

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