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Topic: Hard Court Play area for young people
Category: News - Local

Hard Court Play area for young people by Not Required
Date: 29/03/2007 Time: 21:47:36
Coming soon... to add to the skateboard ramp and cycle track, a hard court play area to keep young people happy.

Word is, the Tynings park is the right spot to put it, although it's surrounded by houses and is the biggest patch of public green left in Forest Green...heck, let's concrete it over then.

Where else could it go?

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Hard Court Play area for young people by Not Required
Date: 29/03/2007 Time: 23:13:22
I think that the football club have been given permission to construct a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) up at the New Lawn. This would enable hard court usage and 5 a side footy etc. Watch this space, I'm sure the surveyors have been there this week.

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Hard Court Play area for young people by Trystan
Date: 29/03/2007 Time: 23:22:06
Fantastic isn't it? For decades kids OF ALL AGES (myself included) enjoyed playing on the swings and grass space there. It's lack of fences meant that it was open to all to see what was going on there and this meant a good mix of kids would be attracted. Of course that included us teenage boys. The neighbours would be furious every time the ball went into their garden, as would drivers when I had to sprint out into Dark Lane and chase footballs halfway down to the town centre.

But some bright soul has the idea to level it, concrete it and make it such that neighbours will potentially be bothered more than ever before. Also the designated hardcourt will probably make it more attractive to teenage boys than anyone else. Where do the ickle kids who want a kickabout on a softish grass surface go?

Yet another example of a green space that is going to be lost in the name of a progress that probably equates to an increase in problems.

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Hard Court Play area for young people by Barking
Date: 29/03/2007 Time: 23:37:53
With the amount of concrete areas up at Forest Green, next time there is some torrential rain us lot in the valley will be flooded!

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Hard Court Play area for young people by Not Required
Date: 05/04/2007 Time: 07:22:21
Yes, I'm kind of split between the 'green issue' and potential for anti-social behaviour increase.

Flooding in Forest Green... maybe, or maybe the bottom of town will now turn into our very own reservoir and the kids can go simming instead!!

I was interested in finding out if the original donator of the land had some kind of covenant about being kept for kids use and not built over? I'm sure someone mentioned something like that to me, an 'old Nailsworth' person...

Any Nailsworth History experts out there??

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Hard Court Play area for young people by Nailsworth Eye
Date: 05/04/2007 Time: 11:07:15
Maybe this was written into the planning permission the same as the community centre was. Most large planned developments make a contribution to the community in some way. For example Macarthy and Stone are suposed to be contributing to the Nailsworth bus station improvements and the NTC will decide how best to spend the money.

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