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Topic: Local Schools - your views?.
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Local Schools - your views?. by Anonymous Coward
Date: 25/09/2015 Time: 10:50:56
Hi - just moved to the area and looking for a primary school. Visited Nailsworth Primary but just too big and too much focus on FGR! Visited Avening Primary School and loved it. Had a lovely warm feel, it was small and the children looked so happy. Does anyone have any experience of Avening or another local primary they would share. Going to go back to Avening again as there is an open day soon but would like to compare to another similar school. Thanks.

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Local Schools - your views?. by Bertha
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Date: 25/09/2015 Time: 15:15:38

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I would suggest Horsley, which is also a smaller village school with an excellent reputation locally. As with all popular schools however, you may not be in a with a chance of a place unless you live very locally.

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