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Topic: Lost black cat
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Lost black cat by Katherine
Date: 13/09/2014 Time: 12:19:41
Please can you check sheds, gardens and garages for my little black cat, in the Colliers Wood area.

He's been missing since the early hours of Friday morning which is very unlike him as he barely leaves the comfort of home.

He's friendly but doesn't miaow. No collar (lost it!) but microchipped.

Please call 07725765413

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Lost black cat by Amy
Date: 13/09/2014 Time: 12:50:25
I seen a young black cat over Lawnside earlier.Can't remember if it had a collar,but it did have quite long,back legs.Unlikely to be yours,if yours doesn't roam far,but thought I'd let you know anyway.

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Lost black cat by Katherine
Date: 14/09/2014 Time: 08:55:03
Thanks Amy, it doesn't sound like our Wizzie but it's good to know people are looking out for him. I think he might be ill or accidentally shut in somewhere as this is so unlike him.

I really appreciate everyone who has let me take a look in their gardens for him.

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