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Topic: Motorcyclists - roundabout
Category: News - Local

Motorcyclists - roundabout by A name
Date: 15/04/2007 Time: 12:30:14
Just heard a crash, and long beep outside. Looked out and a motorcyclist is on his side, and his mate near him.

His bike is broke, and he had a word with his mate, who then roared off (way above the speed limit I might add).

I wonder what it was -

Another vehicle (nothing else there though)

A bike fault.

Him going to fast.

This roundabout (the new one at forest green for the housing estate) is ok, but it seems to have an effect on all the idiots out there. Namely the ones that keep screecing their tires on it going round too fast.

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Motorcyclists - roundabout by Barking
Date: 15/04/2007 Time: 13:07:29
The whole approach to that roundabout from the Springhill side is wrong. The road starts to level off and at the same time it gets wider. The tendency is to keep going in a straight line rather than having to keep left. That means there is a good chance of going the wrong way around the thing! This might just be because I'm familar with the old road layout, but if the cones were not in the middle of the road making it obvious that I had to keep very left I would be in a right mess.

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