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Topic: Nailstock 2008 - Photos
Category: News - Local

Nailstock 2008 - Photos by Nailsworth.com
Date: 26/04/2008 Time: 19:59:22
Well it's that time of the year again when the town gets taken over by the sound of drums as the procession leads the way to the playing field for the Nailstock event.

A few photograps I took are below.

Leaving the bus station.

I'm not sure what happend here. Did somebody forget to close the A46 to Stroud bound traffic? Last the year the whole road was closed, this year drivers found themselves in the middle of the procession!

Passing The Village.

Looking back down the road. I have a feeling less people were on the streets this year, but more were already at the playing field waiting. I could well be wrong though!

At the playing field was the worlds tallest man!

This years theme was silver and butterflies, so here is a big butterfly..

Nailstock from the bank.

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Nailstock 2008 - Photos by The Sober Rigger
Date: 26/04/2008 Time: 20:17:51
Great photos a big thank-you

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Nailstock 2008 - Photos by 3
Date: 03/05/2008 Time: 09:37:01
There are several pages of photos in this weeks Stroud Life.

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Nailstock 2008 - Photos by Martin
Date: 03/05/2008 Time: 11:12:16
Thanks dot.com brill pics

Re "traffic stuck in the profession" looking at the "leading-ladies" I can't imagine that too many complained at such a close-up view!

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