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Topic: Nailsworth 2002
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Nailsworth 2002 by nailsworthian
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Date: 27/09/2014 Time: 12:31:47

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Back in 2002, my family and I moved into a flat in the building that is now running as Perry Bishop. Back then, it was still running as an Estate Agents, but it was called 'Renta Centa'. Does anyone know it? A married couple used to run it, Vivienne and her husband (who's name escapes me). Don't suppose anyone here would know who they are?

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Nailsworth 2002 by Sparky
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Date: 28/09/2014 Time: 17:36:29

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Yes, Vivienne & Steve Taylor ran Renta Centa, they moved to France and set up home and guest house in a beautiful Lavender farm type Chateau. Viv suffered some poor health in the last few years and they came back to live in England. They are still local and I have their contact details if you'd like to email me, mark.coles@colesgroup.co.uk

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