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Topic: New Crossing Open
Category: News - Local

New Crossing Open by Barking
Date: 25/01/2008 Time: 15:18:26
The new crossing at Rooksmoor was having a grand opening at around 2pm today. A large gathering of people and what looked like the press were on the pavement. Hopefully this will now slow the traffic on this dangerous stretch of road.

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New Crossing Open by Me
Date: 25/01/2008 Time: 15:22:24
Slightly related note, the fuzz were out in force last night on springhill. Speed things with signs etc, but dont know if they were pulling people over or not (as I wasnt speeding).

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New Crossing Open by Scott's Dad
Date: 25/01/2008 Time: 18:03:19
Thank you to every one who has supported the crossing and been patient during its construction. we are very happy to have the crossing but it was also a day tinged with alot of saddness we can not call it a victory the sad fact is an 11 year old boy died there and what ever we do we can't change that.

Thanks for your support


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