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Topic: Sad day Tomorrow [55]
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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by FGR Fan
Date: 16/04/2004 Time: 19:46:04

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Tomorrow fans is our last home game of the season I know you all will be upset with this news BUT..... It is a biggy !!! We are playing Aldershot Town and we are expecting a huge crowd

So I hope to see a lot of you up at the game 3pm KO . I am also looking forward to meeting up with the Lures again ( I just hope Wendy can stay sober this time )

I still have one more game to watch when we play our final game away next Saturday at Stevenage ( There is a coach going if anybody wants to go)

But I hope to let you all know as soon as poss some of the real big clubs we have arranged to play freindlys with before the season starts again in August

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Yokel
Date: 16/04/2004 Time: 21:23:39
No-one's showing any interest, Fanny.

Full o' Philistines, this town.

I'll be there, though

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by FGR Fan
Date: 17/04/2004 Time: 21:56:23

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Well it might have been a sad day.But what a way to finish , With a great 3:1 victory watched by nearly 1500 fans. That is roughly ¼ of Nailsworths population so a big well done to all of you that turned up.

Oh well it is now the time to watch the grass grow up at the Lawn and sit back and get ready for the Euro championships that start in June. Maybe I might change my user name on this forum to “England fan” for a few months.


The kids done the flag for me

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Shocked
Date: 18/04/2004 Time: 00:02:05
What does this football thing bring to our town anyway?

All I see are annoying away supporters parking their cars all over the place and blocking the roads after the game has finished. It wouldn't be so bad if they used the amenities and brought some income into Nailsworth... but the police just want them all out of the way asap.

Putting Nailsworth on the map is not good enough, we have to put up with far too much for a minority who want to watch grown men trying to chase after a ball.

Thank God the season is at an end, I might be able to park my car outside my house once more.

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by I hate football - Shock Horror!!
Date: 18/04/2004 Time: 00:16:10
I'm inclined to agree with you. Actually, I do. I can't stand football. I think the whole thing is moronic. A very dangerous stand in this town!

I made the mistake of entering Nailsworth this afternoon when the match finished. Could I turn right off Springhill.. Could I heck. Bumper to bumper traffic jam and yes the police direct everyone straight out of the town after a match so I don't think they spend anything here. They have nowhere to park in any case. The petrol station might make a few quid out of it all.

Lynch mod at the ready....

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by FGR Fan
Date: 18/04/2004 Time: 08:59:27

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I can not go of cause let this go without comment,

Firstly the extra trade to the town.

The Camber Of Trade have stated in meeting after meeting that I have attended that the income of local shops goes up noticeably on our match days. That is why they have backed the plan wholeheartedly to keep the Football club in Nailsworth where is has been for over 110 years (some new residents please take note if you don’t like it move back to the cites)

Secondly Parking.

OK I agree that since the College closed parking has become a nightmare for us all. But please remember it is only for 3 hours 22 days of the year. And when our now ground is built this problem will be very much improved. I have also noticed some residents in Spring Hill are more that happy to let fans park in there drive for a few hours for up to £3 a time "tax free"

My 3rd point is the kid's

I have 2 boys that have gone to watch FGRs games home and away for 10 years it give them an interest at weekends and keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. This goes for many other kids that come to watch us play as well so would you like even more of them on the street corners being board? No I did not think so

So you have 2 choices.

1. You could off cause move out of Nailsworth and move back to where you came from.

2.Or why not come up and try the great family atmosphere and the excitement of the game. You might actually enjoy yourself

So I hope some of you that complain about a slight inconvenience with the extra traffic PLEASE try and remember the history of this town and the football club goes back a long long time.

And try and remember your days in the when you was stuck in traffic day after day when you lived in the cites.

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Yokel
Date: 18/04/2004 Time: 10:37:34

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Buy that man a drink!

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Shocked
Date: 19/04/2004 Time: 23:42:31
The reason that the shops are a little busier on match days??? It's a Saturday, shops are always busier on a Saturday.

And what makes you think that I haven't lived in Nailsworth all of my life? The majority of us locals couldn't give a darn for your precious club, and especially the mess left behind for the council to clean up a few days later...

Maybe the so-called fans should get out there after the match to tidy up so us tax payers don't have to pay for the extra cleaning and for the extra policing required to direct the away fans straight back to their various CITIES.

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by FGR Fan
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 00:08:36

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your precious club

You really have no idea do you ?

It is "Our Towns" "precious club" now go away and move back to London. FGRFC = 110 years of history in "OUR TOWN" not 5 years of JUST living in it like some of you.

Edited on 20/04/2004 at 00:08:36

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by I hate football - Shock Horror!!.
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 01:09:03

now go away and move back to London

I do find this 'if you don't like it then bugger off and live somewhere else' attitude quite disturbing. I have heard it muttered a number of times by different people. It's not very friendly is it and could actually put people off the town.

Lynch mob at the ready...

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by cinders
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 07:41:55
weather u love FGR or hate em the club aint gonna move so why not just use ure energy learning to live with em instead of moaning about em

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by FGR Fan
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 07:56:50

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by I hate football - Shock Horror!!.

Believe this or believe it not. But I know many of our fans that have very little interest in the 90 mins on the pitch. But come to the game just because of the unique family atmosphere that we have, Because it is a great place to socialise and meet up with friends and colleges.

But sadly the Tablod press blinkers some people by portraying what evil places Football grounds are, that are only full of thugs and muggers.

But we have a huge following of Females, Children and OAPs, So Mr I hate Football I will offer you a pair of free tickets to come and watch one of our pre seasons games at my expence. You never know you MIGHT just enjoy yourself, and realise why 900 Nailsworth folk come to watch us week in week out.

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by seedy
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 15:33:30

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shortwood brought football to this town

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Shocked
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 21:31:18
I appreciate that the majority of your fans at Forest Green are good local people, with a passion for football, but why go and watch a 3rd grade team playing another when you could go and watch a proper game for a tenner more?

And why are the police so concerned about getting the away fans home as quickly as possible, is it because Thugs are still a major part of supporting football? The only time I have seen FGR play, I noticed around fifty members of Exeter's Firm in the crowd and the atmosphere was very tense due to the violence in the air. You never have the same problem when chasing the egg.

You might like to have a look at this link and think about how safe it is to take your kids to the next match...


Besides you never answered my query FGR.... Do you go out and clean outside the ground after the match?

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Sad day Tomorrow [55] by Yokel
Date: 20/04/2004 Time: 22:41:22

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That sort of hooliganism is what you get when you pay a tenner more.....

We once had a fan hit another at the Lawn..ooh, about four years ago. Haven't stopped talking about it since. As FG says, it's a true family atmosphere, the club may not be the most successful, but our friendly nature is famous, at least among other Conference clubs.

I have never seen a litter problem outside the ground after a match but would be happy to help clear it up if there was one.

And the point about increased trade is that it happens every other Saturday, hence proof. We don't get many visiting fans when we're playing away!

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