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Topic: Secure Play areas
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Secure Play areas by FGR Fan
Date: 06/05/2004 Time: 22:01:35

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As a father of young child I not impressed by the lack of facilities in Forest Green (where a lot off the population of Nailsworth live) of a safe and secure play area for toddler’s to play in.

The swing park in FG does not even have a baby swing in it nor does the park just off Dark Lane. That only has only the 2 swings in a very large space filled manly with dogs mess !!! Even though some responsible owners are very good to clear there dogs mess up.

So the only option it a long walk down the KG5 playing field and an even longer walk back.

I intend to have a word with some of the politicians that are knocking on our doors at the moment looking for votes about this. I hope some of you can do the same.

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Secure Play areas by Joe90
Date: 07/05/2004 Time: 14:16:44
Perhaps you should move into one of the 'Sky Scrapers' next to Egypt Mill. It's closer to KG5!!

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Secure Play areas by Hello!
Date: 04/06/2004 Time: 15:18:57

I go to tynings park most days and you know i do! I do not agree that it needs baby swings!

I think lawnside should but not TYNINGS!

Most teenagers go there for a place to talk so we are not overheard if you put baby swings there then mums would be down there all the time and they would hear what we are saying and then if they know our mums they will pass on the imformation! and the teenagers might not want their mums to know!

Thank you!

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Secure Play areas by Sally
Date: 05/06/2004 Time: 12:37:36
If you had a baby Brother or Sister I am sure you would be very happy to have a baby swing in the Tynings area. Then you be able to take him or her to the park and play with it.

That would then give your overworked Mothers a rest sometime.

As for not wanting to be overheard most Baby’s can’t talk so I would not worry about that either.

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Secure Play areas by Hello!
Date: 05/06/2004 Time: 17:58:14
It would not be nice to have their baby brothers or sisters with them while they are supposed to be having fun with their mates!

Ok Sally!

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Secure Play areas by Yokel
Date: 05/06/2004 Time: 19:40:19
I think a new play area of some description was part of the Forest Green regeneration plans that are associated with the, dare I say it, new football stadium.

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Secure Play areas by Hello!
Date: 14/06/2004 Time: 21:49:43
I have a baby brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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