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Topic: Thank you FGRFan
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Thank you FGRFan by Lady Lovelys Chatter
Date: 08/07/2004 Time: 22:26:43
Thank you FGRF for all your help with the XBox. Really kind of you and greatly appreciated. Great community sort of thing. XXXX

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Thank you FGRFan by LLC
Date: 08/07/2004 Time: 22:27:57
I can recommend Electest in Stonehouse to everyone who needs help in that area now.....

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Thank you FGRFan by FGR Fan
Date: 08/07/2004 Time: 23:07:28
I am glad we pleased you. I will make sure Sparky gets to know your words of thanks as well. As he is the technical brains of the outfit

And don’t forget that other matter we spoke of as bargains like that do not come along every day.

And I do really want it to go to a good home or I will be upset

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Thank you FGRFan by Sparky
Date: 08/07/2004 Time: 23:37:05
Well, this has prompted me to reply to some very appreciative and kind words regarding my company. Sometimes it feels like being a vet, now and again the outcome is dissapointing and the bad news is somewhat hard to deliver. Might I take this opportunity to thank those involved and particularly the customers and most of my staff who live in Nailsworth anyway. TMy company is based in Stonehouse, but we are trying to relocate to Nailsworth soon - my born and bred home. A lesson learnt for all of us, so please be advised that purchase of American/Canadian electronic equipment is not recommended, for one, any video/tv/DVD equipment from the states runs on a different format "NTSC" compared to the European format "Pal" and secondly the frequency is often different, although equipment is usually tolerant of 10Hz less, BUT the voltage is doubled in Europe, hence the damage and compatible power supply units need to be applied. Thanks again, Sparky.

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Thank you FGRFan by Not Required
Date: 11/07/2004 Time: 11:47:50
I think we should be told what was done to the Xbox?

If it was hitting it with a sledgehammer (the best course of action) then I'm sure lots of people could have done it for you.

Anything Microsoft should be nuked.

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Thank you FGRFan by FGR Fan
Date: 11/07/2004 Time: 14:44:48

Anything Microsoft should be nuked.

Why do you say that ?

I for one think Microsoft is a wonderful company that gets unjust press. OK some of there operating systems like ME & 2000 were rushed out and are rubbish.

But Window’s 3.01 and the sill superior Win 98 changed the face of PCs as the world knows them.

Or would you like to go back to using DOS again ?

And can you honesty say you do not have and Microsoft products on your system ? No I though not

So would you care to tell us why they are they should be "nuked" then ?

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Thank you FGRFan by Not Required
Date: 11/07/2004 Time: 22:03:18
I have three Microsoft programs I use, one I don't, that's it.

The main problem with Microsoft is they peddle poor quality, buggy, insecure software Force monopolistic agreements with manufacturers. Invent proprietry standards that fly in the face of internationally agreed industry ones. Waste millions of hours of working time through patches, updates, virus attacks, etc. They have erased the word 'intuitive' from their interface design manual, what you do in Word one way you have to do differently in Excel.

But most of all, and worst of all, impose a ghastly 'Fischer Price toy icons caught in an explosion in a paint factory interface' on the world.

Is that enough...??

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Thank you FGRFan by Barking
Date: 11/07/2004 Time: 22:41:33
Your right about the Fisher Price icons! I hate the green start button! There is an easy way around this though, just run Windows in 'Classic' mode (right click start button and select Properties). This is the first thing I do with any XP setup that I have.

The wasted working time through patches etc is really due to the world being fully of s***my hackers. Linux still requires security updates, its just not a worthy target yet. I can't deny that its not a pain in the backside though!

On the whole I think that their software is reasonably good value and very easy to use. Hidden away in XP are a few good freebies such as Movie Maker. I once used a third party email program called Eudora. I quickly renamed it 'Endurance' because that was what you needed to use it. It was obviously written by geeks for geeks. User friendly it was not!

Linux anybody...

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