Mountain Bike Rides around Nailsworth

There are lots of good mountain bike rides in and around Nailsworth and I have been recording them with a GPS tracker and put them onto Google maps on this web site.

The riding in the area is more a case of short woodland runs and bridleways linked together by quiet country lanes. As we are in the five valleys area just about all the rides involve climbing out of the valley, so expect some big hills to get up! There is a lot of clay in the area so some routes should be avoided after a lot of rain as the clay just clogs up the wheels and makes the bike unridable and very heavy!

Click the rides on the left to load the map with the route marked out on it.

Some of the routes are multi coloured. The colours are supposed to represent the following:

Red - uphill
Green - flat
Blue - downhill

Routes that are shown as a single red trace are not all uphill! These are older maps before I colour coded them.

The colour encoding for hills etc isn't 100% accurate and doesn't for example indicate how steep a hill is so it may be a gradual slope. But it is on the whole a good indicator of what to expect. Once you get to know the rides you can join different bits together to make your own variations of the ride.