Nailsworth to Bakers Mill at Chalford

Distance 14.5 Miles, allow a couple of hours, if you are OK with hills you can do it in much less.

This ride has a mixture of road, woodland and canal path so a bit of everything. As the ride takes you out of the Nailsworth valley and into the Chalford valley this involves a number of hills, and the way back up Hyde Hill is a long hard slog.

You can however cut a large chunk of the hill off by cutting through Hyde, Penny Hill and Cowcombe woods which is the route that the map above takes. This used to be a very boggy wood but money speaks and the log cutters have put down a rubble track through it that has pretty much wrecked the place but makes it easier to cycle through.

Equally, you could just blast down Hyde Hill as that has a good grin factor!