Winstones Loop

Distance 8.3 Miles, about 45 Minutes.

If you want a ride that doesn't involve mud and muck and want 45 minutes exercise this is a good little road loop on quiet, little used single lane roads. It incorporates some good views and somewhere to stop and buy an ice cream at Winstones on the common. From that point on the route heads back to Nailsworth, but a good diversion is to take the road to the Fort, loop around it and head back towards the bear Hotel on the common. 

It's all quick down hill back to Nailsworth from that point on as you go round the side of the Bear Hotel and on to Watledge ending up at the bottom of the W.

On a warm summers evening look out for wildlife as I have encountered rabits, badgers, deer and bats on this ride that usually jump out in front of you. Obviously the bats don't do that!

The ride starts at the bottom of the W and heads up Pensile Road, then Scar Hill. It's all uphill to Box at the start (most rides start off up hill from Nailsworth!) but the steep sections are fairly short so it's not too difficult.

Starting in Nailsworth, the route as seen on the map goes in an anti clockwise direction as this gives more and longer downhill sections.