Ledgemore Bottom

Distance about 7 miles, allow an hour and a half.

This is mostly cross country with a final blast down the A46 from the Tuppets Inn down into Nailsworth. The route takes a clockwise direction.

If you want to go further, when you get to the tipputs pub on the A46 cross the road and head towards Kingscote where there is a very good and quite long ride through woods to Horsley. See the Kingscote ride for further information.

The ride starts by going up Tetbury Lane, found on the A46 just out of Nailsworth heading in the Bath direction. The turning is opposite the Comrades Club. This can be a muddy ride in the wet (clay), but if you like the countryside this is a good ride and the blast back down into Nailsworth down the A46 can't be beat!  

The section through Ledgemore Wood is a dark downhill section with a lot of stones in the path so is slippery in the wet. The field at the bottom is full of sheep in the summer so keep the gates closed! The gate doesn't open (padlock) so put your bikes over it then head in the same direction that you approached the gate from. This is a bit of a climb but not a long one and it takes you to another gate. Go through the gate and keep on the track. After five minutes or so you will see a house in front and to the right. This is where you do a right hand switchback as seen on the map (the bottom green section). 

If you get to the road that has a lot of trees either side of it you have gone to far! This ride has a number of gates that need to be opened and there are a lot of farm animals in the fields so make sure you don't leave any gates open!

The route on the map is colour coded in the following way. Red is up hill, green is flat(ish) and blue is downhill. The steepest uphill section is Tetbury Lane. Once that is done, the rest is fairly easy.