Tarlton / Rodmartin

Distance about 19 miles, allow an hour and a half.

This route is almost all very quiet country lanes and the bits that are normal roads are not busy main roads. The only hills involved is the climb up to Cherington, the rest is mostly flat.

From Nailsworth you head up to Box via Pensile road found at the bottom of the W. Then cycle to Cherington Lake and take the steep but short climb up into Cherington. Turn left at the top of the hill and very shortly after that take another left just after some houses.

The route is a circular one and takes you out to Tarlton and then back via Rodmartin and pretty much flat all the way. Just out of Cherington you see a number of old aircraft hangers at the back of the Astondown airfield and from Tarlton you get a view of the planes at Kemble.

When you get back to Cherington instead of heading back down to the lake you take a left at the top of the hill that taks you down into Avening via The Nags Head, then back along the Avening road to Nailsworth.