Minchinhampton - Toadsmoor - Eastcombe - Chalford Bottom

Distance just under 15 miles and under 2 hours if you can cope with big hills. There are a lot of steep hills on this ride although the road sections are not busy main roads.

The downhill hill (Knapp Lane) from Minchinhampton down to Toadsmoor (joins onto the the A419) is very steep and rough. Head up the Toadsmoor valley and turn right at the traffic lights onto Bussage Hill. This is a 20% hill (going up) so is very steep! The link between Eastcombe and France Lynch used to be a rough track that has since had tarmac put down but is closed to cars. That's pretty much all downhill so easy after the hills.

My primary reason for this route was for the short blast down through Oldhills Wood (video below) that connects France Lynch to Chalford bottom (Ashmeads, near Bakers Mill). To get back to Minchinhampton you can either go up Hyde Hill (a long hard slog) or cut up through the woods which is the route shown on the map.

The main big loop in the map is done in a clockwise direction, although you could do it either way.

Video of the ride through Oldhills Wood. This is a good fast run but requires a lot of effort to get there from Nailsworth and is all over in less than three minutes! On the map above, the wood is the furthest point on the right hand side. Put the map into satellite mode for better detail.