Cam Peak and Cam Longdown

Distance about 13.5 miles, allow an hour and a half.

This ride takes you up to Nympsfield and then on to Cam Peak and Cam Longdown. The ride is more about the fine views that you get from the peak and the longdown rather than anything else although the ride off the end of the longdown on the way back is very (very) steep and good fun if the cows aren't in the way!

The ride starts by heading up to Nympsfield, which unfortunately is all up hill. Once you get past Forest Green the worst of road hills are over.

From Nympsfield you head to Uley Bury and from the carpark (dirt area on the side of the road) you take a very steep gravel track down to the valley bottom. It's then a case of going anti-clockwise around Cam Longdown until you get to the car park entrance for Cam Peak. Cycling to the top of the peak is steep but not impossible. The map shows the short diversion to the top of the peak (red kink at the bottom left).

You could come back to Nailsworth via Woodchester Park but cycling is banned there for some reason so you would have to do the responsible thing and get off and push. If you go there in the evening nobody will be around other than fishermen who will try and lecture you on not riding there. They however are allowed to drive their cars in so go figure!

This is a GoPro video I made of going up Cam Peak, along the longdown and then off the end of the longdown back into the valley. The run off the end of the longdown is seriously steep and cows with their young were in the way on the main 'proper' route down. They had also left a carpet of their soggy doings all over the field which needed to be avoided!

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