Bliss Mills

This old mill building is found on the large Chalford Industrial Estate and was one of five mills in 1897.

In 1708 the property belonged to a 'Joseph Blisse' and comprised a fulling mill, a press house and racks and two dyehouses. Between 1840 and 1856 it formed the centre of William Dangerfields walking and umbrella stick manufactory. On the same site was a wood and bone turning business, that the umbrella sticks were made of.

William Dangerfield became one of the largest stick producers in the country, at one point employing up to 1000 workers. The production of sticks halted during the 1930's.

During 1904 the mills were powered by two 46hp steam engines and a water wheel that could be coupled to the engines. The mill in the photographs is the only old one of any significance still standing, the other buildings on this site seem to be made primarily of asbestos.

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