Holcombe Mill

Holcombe Mill, The Purified Flock & Bedding Co Ltd was established in 1893 and manufactured 'Holspring bedding and divans. It also produced matteress fillings. The mill is located on the B4014 that links Nailsworth to avening. The main feature of the mill these days is the large chimney. Some of you may be asking 'what is flock'? Well flock is the filling that used to be used for filling matteresses. To make it, you collect lots of rags and similar, shred them and then fluff them up after sterilising and drying them.

In my box of photos I have some old black and white images that show an old building attached to the side of the chimney. To show the current state of that part the building I have re-photographed it.

Some images below, show that even in a short time frame buildings can change.

The building to the immediate right of the stack has been demolished Another view, this time from the other side.
This photograph is taken from the same view point, but ten years later. Feb 2000 The same chimney and again from almost the same position.

More images showing the rest of the old mill building left on this modern industrial estate.

Note the door... The only old mill building still standing.

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