Rooksmoor Mills

Located at at Rooksmoor, the otherside of the the road to the pub called The Old Fleece the last use of the building was a kind warehouse of bamboo furniture and 'odd' items for the house.

The river is diverted alongside the front of the building and into the wheelhouse tunnel at the side. I imagine that the river was once a lake in front of the building but has since turned into the stream it is today.

First records list the mill in 1729 as a cloth mill and I think the old original mill was probably behind this red brick building and have long gone.

The first two photographs were taken in January 2001 while it was in use as a furniture shop.

The following photographs show the building as it is in the summer of 2008. The last photograph shows a filled in arch on the cycle track side of the building.

The building now has danger unsafe signs all over it so presumably it will shortly fall into disrepair and have to be pulled down.

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