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Due to abusive posts in the past the following rules must be observed. Failure to do so will result in topics being locked and or deleted.

This is not the place to complain about your neighbours or 'name and shame'.

Do NOT make personal remarks about others. These will be deleted without explanation. Also respect others opinions, and don't insult them because they are different to yours.

Deliberate Slagging off of local pubs, clubs, shops and their staff will result in posts being removed and you will be banned from posting. If you have an issue with an establishment you should contact the owners directly.

The discussion board is free to use by any visitor to this site. Any topics of discussion may be started at any time, excepting the above. Note that any messages will be displayed immediatly, so be clear about what you say before you hit the 'submit' button (use the Preview Message feature), and check for any typo's etc... The forum has a spelling checker that can use to check your post before you submit it. You will not be able to edit your post although we might be able to do so for you. Please keep your posts legal and decent. You can enter a name to be shown with the post as or leave it as Not Required. Ideally make up a name so others can reply to you.

Please note that while not shown with the post, we keep a record of the IP number that made the post. In the event of any legal disputes over a post that number can be used to trace the computer that placed the message to the users ISP and thus a postal address.

Nailsworth.com does not monitor posts, but we may remove anything that we are alerted to.

You are responsible for anything that you post or link to.

Photographs can be uploaded with your post to enhance your post. Large image files will be resized by nailsworth.com to save bandwidth and we cannot take any responsibility for any loss, loss of quality or damage to your image files.

Anything uploaded or linked to that is pornographic, obsene or otherwise indecent may be reported to the relevant authorities and the material will be deleted. You will also be banned from making further posts on the site. All photographs uploaded or linked to are your responsibility.

The owner of Nailsworth.com shall not be held liable for any material put on the web site. By submitting material to any section of this website you agree to be held responsible for any problems that it may cause the owner of nailsworth.com. Complaints about a post should be emailed to admin @ nailsworth.com (remove the spaces) and if deemed appropriate we will delete or alter it.

Nailsworth.com has the right to ban any IP number that is associated with nuisance posts. Anybody sending emails demanding to have the block removed will be ignored, probably for a very long time. In short, be polite.

By making a post on this discussion board you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.

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