The Old George Hotel

The Old George Hotel, once a 'Coaching Inn of some importance' has an interesting history in its later life.

Many years ago now it was taken over by a large property company based in Manchester. Shortly afterwards, they wanted to knock the place down, which in April 1989 generated a rooftop protest! This made it to the local television news and the hotel / pub then remained closed for a number of years gradually falling into disrepair.

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The first photo on the left was taken circa 1986 when the hotel was still trading, and was sent in by Karen Jeapes.

The second picture, probably taken at a similar time, by myself, shows the various blackboards with enticing messages that were parked on the pavement during opening hours. Going by the old cars parked outside I think the place was having a visit by the Sweeney!

I remember that as a 'lad', during the summer, we would sit on the wall on the otherside of the road getting our beer glasses mixed up with the glasses from Pickwicks, the wine bar, now also closed. I also remember that the George did a very good sausage and chips.

The third black and white picture is a shot taken in the actual bar itself, sent in by N.Blackmon. Following this picture shows how the Old George looked after standing empty for many years before being demolished and rebuilt in the same style of the original building.

The final image is how the building looks today, February 2003 (that was written ages ago, it's now August 2013 and it looks the same). No longer a hotel it's now home to retail units and housing on the upper floors.

Some photographs of Pickwicks Wine Bar which was the other side of the road would be appreciated, as that also closed many years ago.

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