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Topic: C a n a l at Wallbridge
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C a n a l at Wallbridge by Not Required
Date: 20/12/2010 Time: 13:24:55
Oh yes. Heaven forbid that there should be anything to confuse drivers, poor things. they've got enough to concentrate on with trying to remember to not use their indicators, speed, use the phone, or tailgate the car in front.

Thry could of course slow down a bit and take more care, but why should they, now the war on the motorist has ended.

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C a n a l at Wallbridge by Bertha
Date: 20/12/2010 Time: 18:55:19
Actually the roundabouts are working incredibly well considering the concerns about them before they were installed.

Not quite sure what your worries are NR of 12:28:15.

My main concern though is for pedestrians - it is a far from perfect layout and needs considerable re-vamping if they do decide to leave the new road in place.

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