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Topic: The Crown at Inchbrook
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The Crown at Inchbrook by Anonymous coward
Date: 04/11/2013 Time: 15:31:38

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I'm still a little young for their properties

What, 86?

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The Crown at Inchbrook by Wozie
Date: 04/11/2013 Time: 16:20:24
I visited some residents living there a while back and the houses and flats are the same as any modern build.

The added advantages were a communal/dining room where you could order your dinner in advance.

The facilities for hairdressing, laundry and cleaning were also available if you were unable to do these things yourself.

I thought it was well laid out, quiet and quite safe there.

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The Crown at Inchbrook by WV Villager
Date: 19/11/2013 Time: 22:30:59
We will be having some open days in Woodchester Valley Village (formerly Crystal Fountain) in the new year. At the moment we are trying to catch up with some years of neglect.

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The Crown at Inchbrook by ACE
Date: 20/11/2013 Time: 10:06:59
Brilliant idea!

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