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Topic: Thieves
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Thieves by Gab
Date: 23/11/2012 Time: 08:49:31
The fact is, as things get tougher for everyone opportunist crimes will rise.

Take a look at a website called Immobilise. Here you can register your valuables and upload photos to the site so that when the Police do catch any criminals they can quickly match any stolen goods with their owners.

My friend was told about this site recently by the Police. Her son was in the house when someone came in for a bit of thievery - her teenage son came face to face with the thief which was very scary for him (the son). The thief had got over several garden fences to get to her unlocked back door, so that was a harsh lesson in home security.

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Thieves by Not Required
Date: 23/11/2012 Time: 15:00:16
So how did the encounter end ? Did the son beat the crap out of the villain ?

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Thieves by Fred Shhnot
Date: 23/11/2012 Time: 16:03:00
A point of order here. According to our well meaning observers of political correctness etiquette , the use of words such as. Thief or Villain is demeaning to the chosen profession of those involved in relieving you of your cherish possessions . In future, so I am told, you must address them as independent property removal workers.

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