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Topic: Cash for losing weight
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Cash for losing weight by Cliff Pilchard
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Date: 24/10/2014 Time: 09:35:06

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It seems that fat people who have, by their own decisions, lived on a bad diet of fast food and cola will be given money if they lose weight.


Surely if medical care is necessary due to poor diet or smoking it should be paid for - not by paying people to not cause self inflicted health problems for the NHS to sort out for free.

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Cash for losing weight by Mud
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Date: 24/10/2014 Time: 10:01:58

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Well, in a way there already is a financial reward for losing weight. You save money by buying less food.

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Cash for losing weight by rgshl
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Date: 24/10/2014 Time: 14:24:03

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It may well be partly "by their own decisions" but I can't help feeling they have been aided and abetted by food manufacturers and some deluded government health advice from the past. You may or may not remember this but at one time health professionals advice warned that SATURATED FATS ARE DEADLY POISON. There used to be a fatwah on eating butter. This cr*p went on for about 2 decades during which time food manufacturers replaced this deadly fat with what turns out to be deadly carbohydrates.

It turns out saturated fats are not especially harmful if part of a balanced diet-pretty glad I ignored them and carried on eating what I like. I view food epidemiologists with the same scepticism as psychics.

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