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Topic: Hazel Wood
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Hazel Wood by Maggie Beggs
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Date: 22/07/2020 Time: 14:10:56

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I would like to get in contact with the owner of Hazel Wood. Many of you will have seen the new notices in the wood defining the paths as public, permissive and private. I would very much like to negotiate a change from private to permissive for the path from the metal gate above the Weighbridge back towards Nailsworth. This is a beautiful path that allows a circular walk from Nailsworth that avoids two crossings of the Avening Road. I respect that the woods are privately owned but would love to see this path re designated for everybody to enjoy. Any information that allows me to contact the owner would be greatly appreciated.

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Hazel Wood by Isobel Hie
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Date: 16/08/2020 Time: 17:51:38

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Our Saturday walking group has decided to see what can be done - if anything. It was a great surprise to us to find that a path that's been used for centuries to cross Hazel Wood should so suddenly become closed to the public.

This is advice I received from Nick Hayes of "Right to Roam".

hey isobel

thanks for your message - these are exactly the local stories that we would like to know about, so thank you for letting us know. As far as we understand it, the landowner is well within their rights to withdraw permission from a permissive path, and so block users. one route you can go down is research the history of this path, and whether it was once a right of way. the Dont Lose Your Way campaign by the Ramblers is great for this (although, it can take years of research to research and prove)

my suggestion would be to pass on our website to every member of your rambling groups and encourage them to sign up. then, i would form a group with them, and write to your local MP and newspapers. In other words, start a campaign. There are only two of us on this campaign, so we dont have the capacity currently to lead on this, but can offer whatever support you need. for example, it would be a very good start to know who owns the land - could you tell us where exactly you live, and which woods and path specifically?

all the best


Nick's website:https://www.righttoroam.org.uk/

You can also go on the OS historical maps website and see that in the past there were many footpaths criss-crossing Hazel Wood but I can't find any information about when it was designated "private". Perhaps when the Archives open again, there might be more information available. I don't know who has bought the lower part of the wood. The top part, with the permissive paths, is owned by someone else - obviously a much nicer person!

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Hazel Wood by Maggie Beggs
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Date: 19/08/2020 Time: 10:03:34

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I would happily join any campaign to help local access to hazel Wood.

How can we make contact?

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