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Topic: This'll get you in the Christmas spirit!
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This'll get you in the Christmas spirit! by Mud
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Date: 23/11/2014 Time: 23:16:20

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This'll get you in the Christmas spirit! by Gab45
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Date: 26/11/2014 Time: 17:07:37

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What's everyone doing for Christmas then? It's just the two of us this year so we will be mostly reenacting the Christmasses past of my frugal grandparents. They were famous (not nationally, just within the family) for their birdlike appetites and would roast an entire pheasant for Christmas (woohoo!) The rest of the family would enjoy phoning them every few days to see if it was still being served up

Grandpa: "Oh yes we're having pheasant stir fry today. It's wonderful how far the bird can go" (translation: we have at least ten molecules left and will eat one molecule a day to take us through to mid January).

Grandma "Pass my lager John dear" (she liked a tipple. It's probably what kept her appetite surpressed for all those years).

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